How to I record job durations?

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Job durations on Mowmo will be recorded automatically if you use the 'On the Job' page when you are out mowing. When you get to a job, all you need to do is navigate to On the Job on your phone (or tablet, or computer), and click 'Start Job' on the job you are at. This marks the start time of the job and marks it as in progress. When you completed the job, you can adjust any of the details if you need (cost, mark paid if you received payment, a note, etc). The last thing you do is hit 'End Job'. In addition to marking the job as complete, and sending notifications to your client if you choose to, the end time is recorded as well. Mowmo now has the start, and end time of the job. The duration can be calculated from that. If for any reason you need to edit the start and end time of jobs, you can do that by navigating to the job and hitting edit. The fields for start and end time will be there for you to change.
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