It is completely free to create a Mowmo account. The only cost of using Mowmo occurs if you choose to accept online payments through the platform. If you accept payments outside of Mowmo, or are not payed for your jobs, there are no costs associated with using the software. You never pay for using Mowmo unless you get paid through the platform.

Should you choose to accept payment through Mowmo, the costs are as follows. Mowmo charges a fee, as well as Stripe, the company that handles credit card processing.

  • Mowmo charges $0.70 per transaction.
  • Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Please see Stripe’s Pricing for up to date information regarding their fees.

This makes the total cost 2.9% + $1 per transaction. For example, if you receive payment through Mowmo for a $50 bill, you will receive $47.55 after fees.

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Questions about Mowmo?

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