How does Mowmo suggest jobs to schedule?

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On the jobs page, I have notifications for suggested jobs to schedule. How does Mowmo come up with these?


If you have open accounts that don't have jobs scheduled in the future (anytime after the current day), Mowmo will notify you that you need to schedule these jobs. You can hover over the job, and click the schedule button to schedule the job. Mowmo will schedule it in a manner that best coincides with the accounts schedule. If the last job was 2 weeks ago and the schedule for the account is 21 days, Mowmo will schedule the job 1 week out. What if you want to remove a notification? There is no way to remove a notification without changing the status of the account. This encourages account organization and makes sure you stay on top of what accounts are important. For more information on account statuses, check out this question.
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