What are the different account statuses?

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Each account can be in 1 of 3 status. While you can decide to organize your accounts with these statuses however you'd like, here is a good starting point.
  • Open - The account is regularly being mowed.
  • Dormant - The account is usually open, but for whatever reason is on temporary hold. This can be the case over winter for example. As winter closes in and you start ticking off last mows of the season, you can switch the accounts to dormant. In the spring you switch them back to open as you get client confirmation.
  • Closed - If an account is closed it probably isn't on your radar. These can be lost accounts, or simply contacts who give you a call once or twice a year for a cleanup mow.
It is important to note that only open accounts will be available to schedule jobs. If you'd like to schedule a job for a closed or dormant account, you'll need to switch the account to open to do so. When you have scheduled the job you can put the account back in its original status if it makes sense. This may seem like extra work but it does wonders in terms of keeping on top of your accounts and schedule.
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