Accept Online Payments with Stripe for your Lawn Care Business

December 24, 2019

You can now accept online payments from your lawn care clients by connecting your Stripe account to Mowmo.

Accepting online payments in 2019 is not a fancy new optimization for your lawn care business or lawn care software in general. In fact, it’s a necessity. Often times it makes life easier for both you, and your customers. When you connect your Stripe account to Mowmo, your clients will be able to pay the Invoices you send them online, and even the ones you don’t send them… let me explain.

Mowmo keeps tabs on all your clients and accounts outstanding balances. And, if you choose to, will send your clients notifications with this information every time you hit that “End Job” button. Typically, the information that is sent to your clients is purely informationally, but if you connect your Stripe account it becomes actionable. Mowmo will add a link that allows your clients to automatically pay their outstanding balance.

A table filled with billing information. Below it, is a link that says "Pay $70.00 Online Now"
Notice the new link to pay online?

Should your client choose to pay online through this link, an invoice will automatically be created and marked as paid. You’ll get your money deposited directly into your Stripe account, and Mowmo will send you an email letting you know the cash is coming in!

This means that manually generating invoices will become less and less a part of your work day. If you still want to manually generate and send invoices though, you can do that as well. When your client pays the invoice online, it will automatically be marked as paid, and you’ll be notified just as with automatically generated invoices.

If you have any questions as to how you can connect your Stripe account to accomplish a specific need in your business, consider contacting [email protected], or getting in touch through the website chat. Happy to help!

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