What do all the message setting fields do?

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Your message settings allow you to customize how messages sent to your clients look and behave. From the top, here is what each option accomplishes.
  • Email Header Text Color, Email Header Background Color - each message and notification that is sent to your clients has this header at the top. These options define the text color, and background color of that header.
  • Reply email - When a client receives a message or notification sent from Mowmo, they will sometimes like to respond to it. This is one of the entire reason these messages are sent. When they respond, where should their response be sent? This will default to the email you created your Mowmo account with. If this field is made blank, your clients' replies will not reach you.
  • Bcc email - This is a very powerful option. When a Bcc email is supplied, the email address supplied will be sent a copy of messages and notifications. Clients will not see this address anywhere in the message. The utility of this is that first, you get confirmation when messages reach clients. Second, and most useful, is that you can then 'Reply' in your email program (Gmail, apple mail, etc) to that message and it will be sent to the client. Now you can start a conversation! Let's say you finish a job, and a 'Job Completed' notification is sent. You can now go to your inbox and reply to send an extra note.
  • Greeting - All communication opens with a greeting line. The lines are constructed with the greeting you specify, plus the clients preferred name.
  • Signature - At the end of all messages and communications, it is probably a good idea to sign off in some way. A common signature is your name, company name, and contact information.
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