I created my Mowmo account, what should I do first?

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Nice! After creating your account one of the first things that you'll want to do is finish filling out your account information. There will be a green banner with a link to do so, or you can simply navigate to Dashboard -> My Account. Although just your email and a password are required its recommended that you fill out the other fields for the following reasons.
  • First name, Last name - When Mowmo needs to contact you, you can be greeted with your name.
  • Phone - If you contact support with urgent account needs, your phone number can be looked up for a quicker resolution to the problem.
  • Company Name - This information will be displayed at the top of all you client messages and notifications. To see this very quickly, enter your company name and hit update. Then switch to the Message Setting tab and you'll see it previewed for you.
  • Time Zone - You'll need to make sure this is set to the correct timezone that you operate in for accurate scheduling.
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