Weather Forecasting

March 2, 2019

New feature! Mowmo now has weather forecasting built in, with forecasts powered by Dark Sky. This is a great addition that means you won’t need to go back and forth between your schedule on Mowmo, and other weather apps.

You’ll be able to see the weather information for the upcoming 7 days. To get started, head over to your account settings (Dashboard > My Account) and enter the location that you would like to receive forecasts for.

And that’s all there is to it! On the Day view of your schedule you’ll be able to see the temperature, wind conditions, and precipitation potential.

On the Week view, you get weather icons, (and a summary of the day when you hover over the icon).

And, if you are on a large screen, you’ll even get weather icons on your Month view schedule.

Hopefully this new feature can help you save some time when you are working out your schedule for the week! For more information on where the weather data is coming from, check out Dark Sky.

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